'Canamix' Ash Grinder with Beechwood Pins 2-part

PU 1pc

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Weight: 0.04 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Ash and Beechwood
Print: Canamix Logo
Setup: 2-part
Diameter: 59mm
Height: 28mm
System: Pins


Craftsmanship made in Germany - the naturally beautiful, 2-part grinder from 'Canamix' is handcrafted from ash wood of local trees. The molars are also made entirely of wood, more precisely beech wood. They are so stable that they effortlessly grind all herbs and spices fine. And they do so in the most natural way without troublesome abrasion or other unwanted residues.

The wood mill was sealed with a 100% natural and food-safe wood butter, it goes hardly more natural! That the budbreaker from the house of 'Canamix' is worked absolutely precisely, so that it turns easily and never splinters, does not have to be mentioned separately ...

Additional Information

Brand canamix
Material Aluminium
Diameter 50-60mm
Structure 2-part
Teeth Diamond-shaped Teeth
Print yes
Window no
Colour N/A
Print N/A

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