'Rolls' Smart Filter XL VIP Pack

PU 12x80Filters Display

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Weight: 0.4 kg

Quick Overview

Print: Rolls-Logo
Motive/Design: 4 different designs
Length: 35mm
Diameter: 6mm
Info: PU 12Boxes a 80Filters in a Display


Due to modern laser technique, 'Rolls' Smart Filter VIP Pack ensure cooler smoke in combination with a specially designed filter for smoother smoke and less harmful consumption. All in all, this makes for a better and at the same time fuller taste as bittern in herb mixtures are filtered out of the smoke. With the aid of the filter material, harmful substances like tar, condensates, benzol particles and other unhealthy substances are filtered. THC and CBD are not filtered out of the smoke!

Innovative cooling system: the blaze of a herb mixture can be 400-700 degree celsius hot. Drop of temperature occurs in a range of millimeters. Due to the length of the filter and the special cooling system, the air in a draw can cool down up to 200 degree celsius.

Application: The half of the filter is rolled with the logo-side into the rolling paper. This way, the cooling system with the six suction wholes in the form of crosses adds cool air to the draught.

Attention: Not for the use with tobacco, only for use with legal herb mixtures!

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Brand rolls

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