'Prof…' Blueflame Torch in Transparent Colours

PU 12x1pc

SKU: 99 29 02

Weight: 0.99 kg

Quick Overview

Color: blue/green/orange/black
Height: 105mm
Diameter: 30mm
Other: Refillable
Reference: User Manual in da, de, en, el, es, fi, fr, it, nl, no, pl, pt, sv, tr
Info: PU 12x1pc in a Display
Attention: Hazardous material transportation!!


The refillable 'Prof...' Blueflame Torches in transparent colours with electronic ignition and child-proof lock is suitable as a charcoal igniter, for big bowls or for heating oil nails. The flame is adjustable in size.

Attention: No choice of colour possible!

Additional Information

Brand ---
Print Man1 + Man2
Colour -29 blue
Colour filterable N/A

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